New Homes

Lindum Homes is our new homes business; we build and sell new homes for the open market in and around Lincoln, and Lincolnshire. We're known for our attractive developments, high build quality and excellent customer service.

Homes for sale

We’re one of Lincolnshire’s leading house builders and have been for more than 50 years.

We’re proud of our homes, which are designed by architects and built by highly skilled tradesmen, many of whom are directly employed, using modern and high quality materials.

We have a reputation for delivering attractive development sites and houses of excellent quality with individual style.

Do you have land for sale?

We’re looking for land in and around Lincoln to support our future housing pipeline.

We would be interested in buying outright (simple and fast completion available) or via an option arrangement too.

If you are a landowner or agent, we’d be very interested in talking to you.

Social / Partnership Housing

As well as developing our own market properties for sale under the Lindum Homes brand, as a construction business we are specialists in the Social Housing sector delivering c. 700 units per year for Housing Associations across the East Midlands and Yorkshire, find out more below.